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The Scoobies

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[08 Jan 2003|11:36am]

[ mood | blah ]

I have to ask myself why I'm so far behind.

Prom is NEXT WEEK. And I still haven't gotten a dress. I think Willow and I are going shopping after school... that is, if I can get mom and Giles off my back.

Color me bored, this school stuff. I mean, what do I need it for? We know what my destiny is... and I highly doubt it's dealing with the square root of 96.

Something tells me it's going to be dealing with big bads, and Faith... and hopefully Angel...

But, I don't know... ever since the Mayor... ever since he opened his mouth... Angel has been, acting... different. Willow told me to just talk to him about it... maybe I will, on patrol tonight...

Ohh, lunch time. The best part of the day!



Prom... [29 Dec 2002|05:34pm]

Prom coming up.

Don't know how I feel about that.

I asked Willow to go with me. We're working things through.

She said she didn't know yet.

That sort of threw me.

I figured she'd say yes, and we'd be okay.

But she said she needs to work through some things.

I didn't know what to say to that...

Xander's in the same boat I'm in...dreading prom.

Thank god it only comes once a year.

Otherwise, guys like us would be in the doghouse year-round.


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Prom Coming Soon [24 Dec 2002|08:18pm]

[ mood | lonely ]

And I say feh.

I know I'll end up going alone.

Buffy: Can't ask her she's more than likely going with Angel.
Willow: Can't ask her, after what happened, I know she wants to fix things with him.
Cordy: Can't ask her...she won't even talk to me.

There is every other girl in school right? Oh wait...they all laugh, taunt, tease, and ignore me. Guess I'll be going alone.

And right after being nearly killed by the lunch lady...I doubt anyone would. Meh...maybe I'll have fun anyway. Hopefully nothing bad happens...and i just jinxed everything.



[16 Dec 2002|12:40am]

[ mood | excited ]

Willow! We so need to get together in a non-patroly way.

We have to go... PROM DRESS SHOPPING!



[15 Dec 2002|08:53am]

[ mood | happy ]

Interrogation was pretty fun.

If you call looking for someone that threatened to kill everyone a big hoot.

Freddy Iverson, who writes for the school paper, well we thought it was him.

It wasn't.

Xander kept saying it was the lunch lady. I never said anything, but I secretly thought he was right.

That food just isn't safe...

So it turns out it was the lunch lady. Scary lady never even flinched when threatening to kill us all.


I suppose I should comment on the situation with Willow.

Uh...well...we talked.

Actually, she rambled, and I listened. Kinda the way we are.

She kept apologizing for everything over and over again.

I had to tell her that apologizing wasn't going to make any difference. I knew she was sorry, and I just needed some time.

But I guess not too much time because when I saw her eyes fill up with tears, I kissed her. I had to, ya know? My life isn't complete without Willow-kissage.

So I guess we're good, ya know? It'll take some time, but we'll get there.


[14 Dec 2002|04:19am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Well I'm glad that's over! Although I should admit it was kinda fun... ok besides the part where Buffy was going crazy and all that... and the whole demon thing in general, but the research was fun!

Interrogating all the suspected students was fun and I'm talking super fun, I gave Buffy the wiggins! Did you hear that? Buffy? With all the things she's seen, I Willow Rosenberg, gave her the wiggins ^_^

Uhhuh! Don't mess with me!! I'm a lean, mean wiccan... well jewish actually, but wiccan sounds cooler... uh machine! Grr!!!

Um, so yeah everythings good again, it was just that weird lunch lady trying to poison everyone! I guess some good came out of the whole deal, if we learned anything, it was probably something along the lines of totally avoiding psycho student haters like wacko lunch ladies and... Mr. Beach... uh and Nancy Doyle... Buffy told me she is a total rudo, I always thought so, she always gives us funny looks, but now we know for sure.

Everyones got problems with guys recently... besides Xander cos you know he doesn't... oh and Giles... um ok so what I meant was there's just Buffy and me with the guy problems... she's all worried about things between her and Angel... and I'm doing the same thing with Oz... kind of... I'm really hoping things can be worked out in time for the prom, I don't think I want to go if I can't go with Oz...

Willow xxx


[14 Dec 2002|12:44am]

[ mood | confused ]

Everyone worked so hard on interogating everyone... Will is amazing at it, I was even a little frightened...

Turns out, it was the lunch lady... Xand was always right about her...

Crazy old woman, trying to poison the jello... forgive me if I never eat in the cafe again.

On another note, a completely Angel note...
we've been talking.

The other night, we were on patrol... and we got to talking... about our relationship

Do you get the feeling that we're kind of in a rut?
You never take me anyplace new.
What about that fire-demon nest in the cave by the beach? Thought that was a nice change of pace."
So this is our future? I mean, this is how we're gonna spend our nights when I'm 50 and you're... the same age you are now?
Let's just get you to 50.
Liking that plan.

He seemed kind of... more distant than usual...

I don't know how to get through to him... *sigh* I love him so much, and I lost him once, I don't want to do it again... especially with the prom coming up... well not that I want Angel around just for the prom, but still... I found a dress, and we have to get him a tux, and everything... I just wish I could figure out what's going on in his head... he told me I can ask him anything... but he's not exactly the easiest person to ask.


To Find A Killer [12 Dec 2002|09:36pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Buffy told us what happened after she passed out from all the voices. Someone thought that the were going to kill us all. And I say thought in the literal sense.

Willow being dapper of brain on the computer, managed to narrow down suspects.

I of course handled Katie Guidry, Jessica Sanders, and Victoria Addams. God Bless Wills for giving me their names. I went down Wills' checklist and a few of my own. You know important stuff...things they look for in a guy, idea of a perfect date...stuff like that.


I talked to Larry next and he gave me an idea of who it might be.

Freddy Iverson...Editor of the paper.

So as soon as Willow gets here, going to tell her. Hopefully we all came to the right conclusion. Don't want to accuse the wrong person or anything.



(OOC - time is a little tweaked from the actual EP) [02 Dec 2002|07:10pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Most of it is a blur to me...

"By this time tomorrow, you will all be dead"

but that still stands out.

It got really bad, I collapsed... I couldn't even be around my own mom...

I remember falling asleep... and then waking up to Angel sitting on the edge of the bed, holding me up... making me drink this, stuff... which I later found out was a DEMON HEART! ugh.

I don't remember a lot after that... I just remember waking up... a few minutes ago... Angel next to me... holding my hand... Giles and my mom standing over me...

I don't hear them... well I couldn't hear Angel's thoughts anyway, I had tried to get some inside info about Faith that way, and it just backfired... but, Giles and mom, I can't hear their thoughts... tomorrow... I'm going to the school, and I am GOING to stop someone from taking innocent lives.



[02 Dec 2002|03:55pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

This whole Buffy reading minds thing? Kinda weird, I have to say.

The other day we we're having a meeting in the library, and Buffy went all mind-read-y.

I am my thoughts. If they exist in her, Buffy contains everything that is me and she becomes me and I cease to exist.

That's what I was thinking. It's actually a pretty interesting concept. Buffy is all of us. If she hears what we think, then she becomes us.

She gave me a weird look. But I wasn't done thinking.

No one else exists either. Buffy is all of us. We think therefore she exists.

I think it bugged Willow that Buffy could hear what I was thinking and she couldn't. Can she really blame me though? She knows I'm not one for talking, so it doesn't really make sense that I would pour all my thoughts out to my 'lip-locking-Xander ex-girlfriend' Am I right?


Spike's Back... [01 Dec 2002|02:53pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

My extended vacation from the Hellmouth ended sooner than I thought. Dru was gone when I got back. Said I had gone soft. She cheated on me with a FUNGUS demon? Have you seen those things? The antlers...its nuts.

So to prove my love...I'm back to kill the slayer.

The Big Bad is back.

This time the slayer will die. Hear she's in a weakend condition right now. I prefer a good fight, but I'm not being picky at this point.

I just want the slayer dead. Not Angelus, not the watcher, not the witch, not even that loser ponce of a human will be able to stop me.

Off to kill now...clouds covering the sun so no direct sunlight. Feel peckish for a snack.



I'm a loser tramp!! [01 Dec 2002|05:42am]

[ mood | stressed ]

God poor Buffy... everythings so messed up, she's all offended about some stuff she overheard everyone thinking... she thinks I think she's dumb too, but I wish she would have kept listening to my thoughts if she was going to listen at all... I mean I did think 'how could she get test scores like that?!!' and that was totally mean of me, but right after I was all with the beating myself up about it mentally... and I didn't even say it out loud! I couldn't help it! And now... now I feel really bad!

She's sick too... *sigh* Giles and I spent hours researching last night and came up with the solution, the only thing is we have to wait for Angel to get the demon heart before we can do anything about curing her... it sounds all easy, but I don't even know if there is another demon like that in Sunnydale, Buffy was pretty sure the one that attacked her was dead and gone... Giles says it's a rare species... its not like I don't have confidence in Angel, cos... I totally do! I just mean... well it's rare!

Giles told me and Xander to give Buffy some space cos the more people around her the more thoughts she has to listen to and the more crazy she gets... so we went for a walk, we both needed some air... things have been so weird lately, we had to run into Cordelia and Harmony of all people didn't we... they're so mean.

"Oh look who it is, dorky Rosenberg and the love rat, I wonder what they've been up to" Harmony grinned thinking she was all that, Cordelia didn't even give us a glare, she looked kinda hurt and kept on walking.

"Hi..." I had to... I feel so bad! I shouldn't even be hanging out with Xander alone!

Cordelia turned around real fast "Hi??" I stepped back and looked at her, I didn't really know what was supposed to come after that, I mean, even if she is a big meanie I was the one in the wrong this time and I did get with the smoochies with her boyfriend... and then she walks into us together in the park... I so know where shes coming from on this one. I'm such a bad person!

"How many more times can I say sorry Cordy?"

She walked up to me and stood there glaring "Hi, my name is Cordelia Chase of the I-do-not-talk-to-losers realm, and if I did for a second, talk to losers that is, I would be saying something like... you stole my boyfriend you little tramp, but since I don't talk to losers and you are the queen of them... if they even have queens in loserdom, I'll be leaving now"

What could I say to that? I guess I am a tramp... am I a tramp? Oh my god I'm a tramp! In years to come I'll walk into a room and everyone will snicker and whisper "Look it's Willow Rosenberg the tramp"


Hmph, I'm going to bed so that tomorrow I can think of a plan to avoid staying a total loser tramp for all eternity... *Sigh*

Willow xxx


Partly Good News [01 Dec 2002|02:19am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Willow and I stayed rather late last night in the library researching the mouth less demon that has infected Buffy causing her the ability to read minds against her will.

The demon is in actual fact a Serofed demon, a rare species and most likely conjured as opposed to crawling from the hell mouth by itself.

In the beginning she found her new power to be quite amusing, until she realized that some things are often best left unsaid, a passing thought not meant for anyone but yourself to hear... sometimes a thought crosses your mind that cannot be helped, not meaning to be offensive.. at times not finding much truth in it, therefore not saying it aloud.

Yesterday during lunch, Buffy collapsed due to the immense pressure on her mind, trying, of course Willow, Xander and I all rushed to her side, she was unharmed, however she did ask me to take her home away from the crowds of people.

Buffy's becoming increasingly sick, everyone has been participating to their best efforts in helping her get through her ordeal. Surprisingly Angel has come out of the shadows to offer his assistance, which shall be greatly appreciated due to the fact the only way to cure Buffy is to create a potion using the heart of another demon of this particular kind.

Angel has offered to hunt and capture the Serofed tonight, Willow and I will perform an ancient ritual and create the potion, which shall hopefully take effect instantly after consumption.


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[29 Nov 2002|02:43pm]

[ mood | stressed ]

You know what... everyone keeps acting as though I LIKE this. Being able to hear everyones thoughts.... it's not as wonderful as you'd think.

Giles is making RUDE comments about my outfit...
Cordelia is well no, Cordy is just being Cordy, I don't have anything to say about that anymore.

I just... it's getting bad... everyones thoughts are starting to run together... I don't even know if I'm going to be able to patrol...

Giles said he was researching... but don't think I didn't hear that comment about "doing all the work" you ARE the watcher.

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[29 Nov 2002|11:22am]

[ mood | amused ]

After Cordy's snide remark, I saw Buffy's face whiten. She always knew how to strike a nerve.

I offered to help Buffy train in the library after school. I just didn't feel like doing homework. Giles had this sumo suit for me.

*Man Buffy's a tough fighter. Glad I'm not her enemy.*

"And you better not ever be one," she said sidekicking me.

"Not ever be what?"

"My enemy. I'd totally kick your ass."

"Must stop thinking so loudly."

She took off my helment.

"Thanks for helping out. Giles is still kind of wigged of the thoughts he had last night."

"No problem. You want a train. I want to help. Even if I can't move my arms."

Buffy went to grab a staff off of the table but it dropped to the floor, so she bent down to pick it up.

I averted my eyes.

*Don't stare. No looking at bending over Buffy. Bad thoughts. Bad Xander. Must think of other things. Baseball. Football. Cheerleaders. Naked cheerleaders.*


*Uh oh. Thought too long.*

"Is that ALL you think about?"

She stood waiting for my answer.


I tried to run off, but forgot I had the suit on. I fell the ground face down.


I tried to waddle away, but Buffy just laughed ammused.

"Relax Xand. I understand the fact your a typical guy."

She helped me up.

"I don't always think about that stuff. I think of clean stuff also."

"Uh huh. I'm gotta head home. Promised mom we'd have a family dinner before patrolling." She unzipped the back of the suit. "Later Xan."

As the library doors closed, I made my way out of the puffy suit.

*Glad I didn't think of naked Buffy. Or ANY Buffy related thoughts. She'd have killed me.*


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Whatever. [29 Nov 2002|09:04am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

I don't know WHAT those losers' problems are.

I was minding my own business and that little twit Willow and Buffy were laughing at me, I just know it.

Excuse you, not like I did anything to you. After all, YOUR the one who made out with MY boyfriend. And people say I'm cold. I wouldn't stoop that low.

Okay, there was this time with Harmony, but c'mon, it's Harmony. Like she could ever keep a decent guy in the first place!

I went to the Bronze last night and had a run in with Buffy, only it wasn't really a run in. More of a "Oh look, Buffy looks like she's been rolling around in the graveyard again" moment.

"I'd like to see you do what I do without getting messy." She snapped as I walked by.

I blinked at her. "What's your damage? Did I say anything to you? God." I rolled my eyes. The world soo does not revolve around you.

Buffy glared at me. "And yet, you seem to think it revolves around you."

"But it does, Buffy. While you're out saving the world, having no social life and being depresso loser girl, I'm the one having fun. Dating. Socializing. Meeting people." I smirked in satisfaction. "Poor you is too busy wondering just when your time going to be up and you'll join all the other loser slayers that died before you. Or maybe you're wondering when you'll have to send your next boyfriend to hell and you have to run away from all your stupid little problems again instead of getting therapy like a normal person."

Buffy's face paled a bit, or maybe it was the lighting, but either way it made her look even more washed out then ever. I might have gone too far with that, and I admit it, I felt a little guilty, but at the same time, what do I care? If she hadn't been reading my mind or something, she'd never know and I'd not have said a word. And since when could she read minds anyway??

Besides they all deserve whatever I dish out. No one cared about me when I had my heart stomped on by Xander and Willow, and yet the whole Scooby Gang silently claims to be better then everyone else.

Ooh, Harmony and the rest of us treat others like dirt. Big deal. At least you know most of will back stab you.

Buffy and everyone were supposed to be better then that. Or at least they pretend to be.

Well I know better.

So I pushed any bit of guilt from my mind and left Buffy standing there looking all pale.

She's not worth the effort. None of them all. Not anymore.


[29 Nov 2002|02:12am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Oh my god, Buff can hear what I'm thinking! I feel like a total doof, I don't know where to look when she is in the same room as me, and I feel so bad! I'm afraid of being around my own best friend! What kind of friend does that make me! A bad one! Yes siree! I'm a bad friend!

Today was so embarrassing, we were sitting in the library and I was researching on the computer, for information on this evil mouth less over hearing icky monster of... something gross... and Bufy walked in and sat beside me.

"Thanks Will" she smiled

"Thanks Will wha...?"

"You just thought 'wow Buffy looks amazing today', aww... thanks Will"

My mouth dropped! She totally read my mind! I mean I knew she could, Gilles told me what happened and that's why we were researching in the library, but until I got my own mind read I wasn't as freaked out! I wouldn't mind so much but there are some things I just cant help thinking sometimes and some things I don't even want myself hearing let alone Buffy too!!!

I think I should write down a few of the totally wiggy mind related things that happened today.

I was at lunch with Buffy, Oz, Cordelia and Xander just thinking about things.

*I really miss Oz, he's right there but at the same time so far away, I'm the biggest doof for ruining things, I wish he'd forgive me*

Buffy learnt over the table and smiled "Give him time Will"

Ok she so shouldn't be reading my private Oz-like thoughts! I feel kind of violated!

And then, there's the advantages to this new thing... Buffy and I were sitting under a tree at the end of lunch, just talking and Cordelia walked by.

*oh my god if that's the fashion I'm glad I'm a dork... wow that's the ugliest outfit I've ever seen!*

Buffy looked at me and I gave her a questioning look *did you just hear what I thought? Don't you agree?!*

"Yes and... yes" She laughed, then we both totally cracked up... Cordelia got all paranoid and yelled at us, but we were too busy laughing at her so called cool outfit to answer to her.

Bed now... too much study and class preparing leaves Willow a pile of icky tiredness in a slump on the ground... I get to teach my English class tomorrow... Yay!!!

Willow x


Buffy's New Power [29 Nov 2002|01:45am]

[ mood | busy ]

It appears that Buffy has been infected with demon sap which has caused her to have a rather.. well unique power.

I asked her to explain the encounter as best she could, she seemed to be a little too stressed to explain to me in great detail, however I've gathered as much information as I can for now...

Last night Buffy was out patrolling alone... though I had warned her earlier that day of a strange presence in Sunnydale, she was rather cheeky "Giles, this is Sunnydale, if there weren't any 'strange presences' I'd be more wigged" anyhow, despite my further warnings, she ventured out on her own.

Apparently during her patrol she was met by a rather large green demon, I'm quite baffled as to it's origin... Buffy tells me it had no mouth and beady eyes, I could list hundreds of demons off the top of my head, all being demons with green skin and beady eyes, however, I am focusing on the fiend having no mouth.

As for the unique power, well I am quite intrigued to say the least, it appears she has the ability to over hear thoughts... not exactly comforting I must say, but intriguing...

Buffy perched upon the table in my apartment.

"You're so boring..." she mumbled
"I heard that!"
"Well... all that's in your head right now is information from that book and ohh... Pink Floyd... good song to have stuck in your head! I'm impressed!"

I became increasingly uncomfortable with the situation, removing my glasses and rubbing my forehead before replacing them.

"GILES!" Buffy gasped.

I looked at her in confusion... within a split second I was realizing what I had thought and how she must have picked it up.

"Honestly, that dress is outrageous, if I was her mother I wouldn't let her out in that... I can almost see the red light shining down on her..."

I became highly embarrassed and ordered her to leave the apartment right away.

She however, found my discouraged attitude amusing and skipped out quite happily.

We must find a cure for this... and soon.



*nods off* [27 Nov 2002|12:22am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Forgot we had a science paper due. Will told me after school.


"It was given weeks ago."

"When did that happen?"

"Think it was the day Cordy wore that short black skirt."

"Remember the skirt...forgot the assignment. And thanks for reminding me of Cordy. Just had her out of my mind."


"Not your fault."

So I went home and started on the paper...after a Scooby Doo marathon on Cartoon Network.

Finished most before I fell asleep. I was supposed to call Will so we could head to Buffs. Guess we have to wait for tomorrow night then. Always up for something with my girls.

Plus, I need this. I sit home alone, all I can think of is how I wrecked the one good thing I had going in my life.

All I have now is my friends...if they push me away, or something, I don't know what I'll do.

Printer done with paper. Now I can get some sleep.



Failed Plans [27 Nov 2002|10:12pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I'm supposed to be hanging out with Xander and Buffy tonight, but I can't get hold of Xand, he's such a doofus, he probably fell asleep in front of some cartoon marathon instead of doing the science paper that's due tomorrow, I reminded him!

Five times in fact! It's always the same, we'll be walking to science class tomorrow and I'll say

"so how did you find the paper?"
"what paper?"
"damn those cheesy chips!"

Or... something like that... usually.

I miss Oz...

Anyway, I'm kinda mad, but not really... that... mad...

Buffy's mom went out... not that I don't think that Buffy's mom should go out, I mean she can go out whenever she likes! She's a grown woman! She could go out all night if she wanted to and I wouldn't have any right to question her... no... not at all, I like Buffy's mom... um... so Joyce went out and Buffy got stuck home watching little Dawnie... she is so the cutest thing... so Buffy couldn't come over... I was supposed to wait for Xander to call after he had finished doing his science paper, so we could head over there together.

But he never called.

It's a little too late to go now... maybe I'll study some more before bed.

No more missing Oz... it's bad for me...

Study good. Sleep good. Missing Oz too much not good. Uhhuh! That's what I'll do.

Willow xxx

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