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Buffy's New Power

It appears that Buffy has been infected with demon sap which has caused her to have a rather.. well unique power.

I asked her to explain the encounter as best she could, she seemed to be a little too stressed to explain to me in great detail, however I've gathered as much information as I can for now...

Last night Buffy was out patrolling alone... though I had warned her earlier that day of a strange presence in Sunnydale, she was rather cheeky "Giles, this is Sunnydale, if there weren't any 'strange presences' I'd be more wigged" anyhow, despite my further warnings, she ventured out on her own.

Apparently during her patrol she was met by a rather large green demon, I'm quite baffled as to it's origin... Buffy tells me it had no mouth and beady eyes, I could list hundreds of demons off the top of my head, all being demons with green skin and beady eyes, however, I am focusing on the fiend having no mouth.

As for the unique power, well I am quite intrigued to say the least, it appears she has the ability to over hear thoughts... not exactly comforting I must say, but intriguing...

Buffy perched upon the table in my apartment.

"You're so boring..." she mumbled
"I heard that!"
"Well... all that's in your head right now is information from that book and ohh... Pink Floyd... good song to have stuck in your head! I'm impressed!"

I became increasingly uncomfortable with the situation, removing my glasses and rubbing my forehead before replacing them.

"GILES!" Buffy gasped.

I looked at her in confusion... within a split second I was realizing what I had thought and how she must have picked it up.

"Honestly, that dress is outrageous, if I was her mother I wouldn't let her out in that... I can almost see the red light shining down on her..."

I became highly embarrassed and ordered her to leave the apartment right away.

She however, found my discouraged attitude amusing and skipped out quite happily.

We must find a cure for this... and soon.

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