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Oh my god, Buff can hear what I'm thinking! I feel like a total doof, I don't know where to look when she is in the same room as me, and I feel so bad! I'm afraid of being around my own best friend! What kind of friend does that make me! A bad one! Yes siree! I'm a bad friend!

Today was so embarrassing, we were sitting in the library and I was researching on the computer, for information on this evil mouth less over hearing icky monster of... something gross... and Bufy walked in and sat beside me.

"Thanks Will" she smiled

"Thanks Will wha...?"

"You just thought 'wow Buffy looks amazing today', aww... thanks Will"

My mouth dropped! She totally read my mind! I mean I knew she could, Gilles told me what happened and that's why we were researching in the library, but until I got my own mind read I wasn't as freaked out! I wouldn't mind so much but there are some things I just cant help thinking sometimes and some things I don't even want myself hearing let alone Buffy too!!!

I think I should write down a few of the totally wiggy mind related things that happened today.

I was at lunch with Buffy, Oz, Cordelia and Xander just thinking about things.

*I really miss Oz, he's right there but at the same time so far away, I'm the biggest doof for ruining things, I wish he'd forgive me*

Buffy learnt over the table and smiled "Give him time Will"

Ok she so shouldn't be reading my private Oz-like thoughts! I feel kind of violated!

And then, there's the advantages to this new thing... Buffy and I were sitting under a tree at the end of lunch, just talking and Cordelia walked by.

*oh my god if that's the fashion I'm glad I'm a dork... wow that's the ugliest outfit I've ever seen!*

Buffy looked at me and I gave her a questioning look *did you just hear what I thought? Don't you agree?!*

"Yes and... yes" She laughed, then we both totally cracked up... Cordelia got all paranoid and yelled at us, but we were too busy laughing at her so called cool outfit to answer to her.

Bed now... too much study and class preparing leaves Willow a pile of icky tiredness in a slump on the ground... I get to teach my English class tomorrow... Yay!!!

Willow x
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