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After Cordy's snide remark, I saw Buffy's face whiten. She always knew how to strike a nerve.

I offered to help Buffy train in the library after school. I just didn't feel like doing homework. Giles had this sumo suit for me.

*Man Buffy's a tough fighter. Glad I'm not her enemy.*

"And you better not ever be one," she said sidekicking me.

"Not ever be what?"

"My enemy. I'd totally kick your ass."

"Must stop thinking so loudly."

She took off my helment.

"Thanks for helping out. Giles is still kind of wigged of the thoughts he had last night."

"No problem. You want a train. I want to help. Even if I can't move my arms."

Buffy went to grab a staff off of the table but it dropped to the floor, so she bent down to pick it up.

I averted my eyes.

*Don't stare. No looking at bending over Buffy. Bad thoughts. Bad Xander. Must think of other things. Baseball. Football. Cheerleaders. Naked cheerleaders.*


*Uh oh. Thought too long.*

"Is that ALL you think about?"

She stood waiting for my answer.


I tried to run off, but forgot I had the suit on. I fell the ground face down.


I tried to waddle away, but Buffy just laughed ammused.

"Relax Xand. I understand the fact your a typical guy."

She helped me up.

"I don't always think about that stuff. I think of clean stuff also."

"Uh huh. I'm gotta head home. Promised mom we'd have a family dinner before patrolling." She unzipped the back of the suit. "Later Xan."

As the library doors closed, I made my way out of the puffy suit.

*Glad I didn't think of naked Buffy. Or ANY Buffy related thoughts. She'd have killed me.*

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