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Partly Good News

Willow and I stayed rather late last night in the library researching the mouth less demon that has infected Buffy causing her the ability to read minds against her will.

The demon is in actual fact a Serofed demon, a rare species and most likely conjured as opposed to crawling from the hell mouth by itself.

In the beginning she found her new power to be quite amusing, until she realized that some things are often best left unsaid, a passing thought not meant for anyone but yourself to hear... sometimes a thought crosses your mind that cannot be helped, not meaning to be offensive.. at times not finding much truth in it, therefore not saying it aloud.

Yesterday during lunch, Buffy collapsed due to the immense pressure on her mind, trying, of course Willow, Xander and I all rushed to her side, she was unharmed, however she did ask me to take her home away from the crowds of people.

Buffy's becoming increasingly sick, everyone has been participating to their best efforts in helping her get through her ordeal. Surprisingly Angel has come out of the shadows to offer his assistance, which shall be greatly appreciated due to the fact the only way to cure Buffy is to create a potion using the heart of another demon of this particular kind.

Angel has offered to hunt and capture the Serofed tonight, Willow and I will perform an ancient ritual and create the potion, which shall hopefully take effect instantly after consumption.

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