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I'm a loser tramp!!

God poor Buffy... everythings so messed up, she's all offended about some stuff she overheard everyone thinking... she thinks I think she's dumb too, but I wish she would have kept listening to my thoughts if she was going to listen at all... I mean I did think 'how could she get test scores like that?!!' and that was totally mean of me, but right after I was all with the beating myself up about it mentally... and I didn't even say it out loud! I couldn't help it! And now... now I feel really bad!

She's sick too... *sigh* Giles and I spent hours researching last night and came up with the solution, the only thing is we have to wait for Angel to get the demon heart before we can do anything about curing her... it sounds all easy, but I don't even know if there is another demon like that in Sunnydale, Buffy was pretty sure the one that attacked her was dead and gone... Giles says it's a rare species... its not like I don't have confidence in Angel, cos... I totally do! I just mean... well it's rare!

Giles told me and Xander to give Buffy some space cos the more people around her the more thoughts she has to listen to and the more crazy she gets... so we went for a walk, we both needed some air... things have been so weird lately, we had to run into Cordelia and Harmony of all people didn't we... they're so mean.

"Oh look who it is, dorky Rosenberg and the love rat, I wonder what they've been up to" Harmony grinned thinking she was all that, Cordelia didn't even give us a glare, she looked kinda hurt and kept on walking.

"Hi..." I had to... I feel so bad! I shouldn't even be hanging out with Xander alone!

Cordelia turned around real fast "Hi??" I stepped back and looked at her, I didn't really know what was supposed to come after that, I mean, even if she is a big meanie I was the one in the wrong this time and I did get with the smoochies with her boyfriend... and then she walks into us together in the park... I so know where shes coming from on this one. I'm such a bad person!

"How many more times can I say sorry Cordy?"

She walked up to me and stood there glaring "Hi, my name is Cordelia Chase of the I-do-not-talk-to-losers realm, and if I did for a second, talk to losers that is, I would be saying something like... you stole my boyfriend you little tramp, but since I don't talk to losers and you are the queen of them... if they even have queens in loserdom, I'll be leaving now"

What could I say to that? I guess I am a tramp... am I a tramp? Oh my god I'm a tramp! In years to come I'll walk into a room and everyone will snicker and whisper "Look it's Willow Rosenberg the tramp"


Hmph, I'm going to bed so that tomorrow I can think of a plan to avoid staying a total loser tramp for all eternity... *Sigh*

Willow xxx
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