Spike (bloody_william) wrote in fear_itself,

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Spike's Back...

My extended vacation from the Hellmouth ended sooner than I thought. Dru was gone when I got back. Said I had gone soft. She cheated on me with a FUNGUS demon? Have you seen those things? The antlers...its nuts.

So to prove my love...I'm back to kill the slayer.

The Big Bad is back.

This time the slayer will die. Hear she's in a weakend condition right now. I prefer a good fight, but I'm not being picky at this point.

I just want the slayer dead. Not Angelus, not the watcher, not the witch, not even that loser ponce of a human will be able to stop me.

Off to kill now...clouds covering the sun so no direct sunlight. Feel peckish for a snack.

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