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(OOC - time is a little tweaked from the actual EP)

Most of it is a blur to me...

"By this time tomorrow, you will all be dead"

but that still stands out.

It got really bad, I collapsed... I couldn't even be around my own mom...

I remember falling asleep... and then waking up to Angel sitting on the edge of the bed, holding me up... making me drink this, stuff... which I later found out was a DEMON HEART! ugh.

I don't remember a lot after that... I just remember waking up... a few minutes ago... Angel next to me... holding my hand... Giles and my mom standing over me...

I don't hear them... well I couldn't hear Angel's thoughts anyway, I had tried to get some inside info about Faith that way, and it just backfired... but, Giles and mom, I can't hear their thoughts... tomorrow... I'm going to the school, and I am GOING to stop someone from taking innocent lives.

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