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To Find A Killer

Buffy told us what happened after she passed out from all the voices. Someone thought that the were going to kill us all. And I say thought in the literal sense.

Willow being dapper of brain on the computer, managed to narrow down suspects.

I of course handled Katie Guidry, Jessica Sanders, and Victoria Addams. God Bless Wills for giving me their names. I went down Wills' checklist and a few of my own. You know important stuff...things they look for in a guy, idea of a perfect date...stuff like that.


I talked to Larry next and he gave me an idea of who it might be.

Freddy Iverson...Editor of the paper.

So as soon as Willow gets here, going to tell her. Hopefully we all came to the right conclusion. Don't want to accuse the wrong person or anything.

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