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Well I'm glad that's over! Although I should admit it was kinda fun... ok besides the part where Buffy was going crazy and all that... and the whole demon thing in general, but the research was fun!

Interrogating all the suspected students was fun and I'm talking super fun, I gave Buffy the wiggins! Did you hear that? Buffy? With all the things she's seen, I Willow Rosenberg, gave her the wiggins ^_^

Uhhuh! Don't mess with me!! I'm a lean, mean wiccan... well jewish actually, but wiccan sounds cooler... uh machine! Grr!!!

Um, so yeah everythings good again, it was just that weird lunch lady trying to poison everyone! I guess some good came out of the whole deal, if we learned anything, it was probably something along the lines of totally avoiding psycho student haters like wacko lunch ladies and... Mr. Beach... uh and Nancy Doyle... Buffy told me she is a total rudo, I always thought so, she always gives us funny looks, but now we know for sure.

Everyones got problems with guys recently... besides Xander cos you know he doesn't... oh and Giles... um ok so what I meant was there's just Buffy and me with the guy problems... she's all worried about things between her and Angel... and I'm doing the same thing with Oz... kind of... I'm really hoping things can be worked out in time for the prom, I don't think I want to go if I can't go with Oz...

Willow xxx
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