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Interrogation was pretty fun.

If you call looking for someone that threatened to kill everyone a big hoot.

Freddy Iverson, who writes for the school paper, well we thought it was him.

It wasn't.

Xander kept saying it was the lunch lady. I never said anything, but I secretly thought he was right.

That food just isn't safe...

So it turns out it was the lunch lady. Scary lady never even flinched when threatening to kill us all.


I suppose I should comment on the situation with Willow.

Uh...well...we talked.

Actually, she rambled, and I listened. Kinda the way we are.

She kept apologizing for everything over and over again.

I had to tell her that apologizing wasn't going to make any difference. I knew she was sorry, and I just needed some time.

But I guess not too much time because when I saw her eyes fill up with tears, I kissed her. I had to, ya know? My life isn't complete without Willow-kissage.

So I guess we're good, ya know? It'll take some time, but we'll get there.
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