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Failed Plans

I'm supposed to be hanging out with Xander and Buffy tonight, but I can't get hold of Xand, he's such a doofus, he probably fell asleep in front of some cartoon marathon instead of doing the science paper that's due tomorrow, I reminded him!

Five times in fact! It's always the same, we'll be walking to science class tomorrow and I'll say

"so how did you find the paper?"
"what paper?"
"damn those cheesy chips!"

Or... something like that... usually.

I miss Oz...

Anyway, I'm kinda mad, but not really... that... mad...

Buffy's mom went out... not that I don't think that Buffy's mom should go out, I mean she can go out whenever she likes! She's a grown woman! She could go out all night if she wanted to and I wouldn't have any right to question her... no... not at all, I like Buffy's mom... um... so Joyce went out and Buffy got stuck home watching little Dawnie... she is so the cutest thing... so Buffy couldn't come over... I was supposed to wait for Xander to call after he had finished doing his science paper, so we could head over there together.

But he never called.

It's a little too late to go now... maybe I'll study some more before bed.

No more missing Oz... it's bad for me...

Study good. Sleep good. Missing Oz too much not good. Uhhuh! That's what I'll do.

Willow xxx
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