Buffy Anne Summers (buffy_anne) wrote in fear_itself,
Buffy Anne Summers

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I have to ask myself why I'm so far behind.

Prom is NEXT WEEK. And I still haven't gotten a dress. I think Willow and I are going shopping after school... that is, if I can get mom and Giles off my back.

Color me bored, this school stuff. I mean, what do I need it for? We know what my destiny is... and I highly doubt it's dealing with the square root of 96.

Something tells me it's going to be dealing with big bads, and Faith... and hopefully Angel...

But, I don't know... ever since the Mayor... ever since he opened his mouth... Angel has been, acting... different. Willow told me to just talk to him about it... maybe I will, on patrol tonight...

Ohh, lunch time. The best part of the day!

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