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You would think things would be going great, right? I scored a 1430 on my SAT's, meaning I have an in at pretty much any college I choose. Yet another demon is without her powers... I did come to Sunnydale... i mean, good stuff.

See, this is me trying to find things to be happy about, when in reality... I can't go to college, you know, slaying and all. Fun yay for me, destiny all picked out!

Xander and Cordelia aren't together... Willow and Oz aren't together... Angel and I... aren't together... it's hard to grasp reality sometimes... Angel and I haven't been talking much... it's probably better that way...

It's a good thing I have great friends... otherwise I'd be really lost...

At least mom and Giles stopped scheduling me like crazy... I couldn't take it anymore... I'm the Slayer, not Superwoman.
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